Flexible Fleets

The traditional Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) model utilizes commercial fleets that are inflexible, expensive to maintain, and managed using traditional dispatch models. These fixed fleets have a difficult time scaling when demand is high, and leave providers with a surplus of vehicles on the road when demand is low.

Unlike a fixed fleet, a flexible fleet model allows capacity to be rapidly scaled up and down in minutes to meet demand changes. Our dynamic supply system constantly manages and optimizes the right supply levels for different modes across geographies (both urban and rural), ensuring that every member gets picked up on time.

Technology + Data is in our DNA

We have combined cloud-based, peer-to-peer dispatching with GPS tracking to dramatically improve on-time performance and service visibility. What does all that really mean? Our system can automatically detect and adjust for any service issues – such as a late driver or a traffic accident – without disrupting service.

Our proprietary algorithm predicts what demand will look like throughout the day. These forecasts are based on historical and future trip data, utilization patterns, and projected pick-up times and delays. It is a self-learning algorithm that continually gets better at predicting demand.

Transportation Providers + Independent Driver-Providers

The Medicaride® Virtual Fleet™ augments the traditional network of commercial transportation providers with highly qualified and NEMT-specialized rideshare drivers, which we call Independent Driver-Providers (IDPs). IDPs meet strict healthcare standards and participate in ADA education, CPR certification, and HIPAA, Sensitivity, and Medical Needs training. They undergo drug testing and multi-level background checks to ensure safety and the highest level of quality. The addition of these IDP fleets allows us to serve eligible members in all regions with reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Real-Time Tracking + Analytics

Our user-friendly, intuitive dashboards give total visibility into trip activity, including scheduling, routes, member communication, payment, and driver feedback. GPS tracking allows us to know exactly where each vehicle is and what route they’ve taken. Whether you want to know exactly where a member was dropped off, or how effective pre-trip reminders are, we’ve got the data to do it. In addition to trip activity, we also offer insights into costs, service levels, driver documents and credentials, utilization rates, and member trends, allowing for unparalleled transparency into your transportation benefit.